Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hottest Christmas Toy 2009

Not even the Annual Toy Fair in New York City in October could have predicted it.

The Christmas toy that caused such a ruckus on Black Friday and is now causing a frenzy on ebay are Zhu Zhu Pets, four animated gerbils that have toys, carriers, and even their own transportation vehicles as they ramble and rumble aimlessly around your living room floor.

The buzz about these rodents on the web: if you or your child wants one, hurry up and buy one now on-line before prices reach the astronomical high the week before Christmas.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Miss My Best Friend. Now I Miss My Sister.

While I'm happy for both of them, I in some ways have lost them to their children. Before kids, my best friend and I used to goof off, ttavel, and party post-college style (have one beer and call it a night). Now it can be hard to talk to each other because of the kids' schedule of eating and sleeping.

My sister who hasn't even been a mom for a week has somewhat transformed. We used to shop around NYC until our credit cards were maxed out. Now she's stuck at home with a regimen of feeding Anabelle, burping her, putting her to sleep, and having to do it all over again in two hours.

It's fine, you know. It's not them, it's me. I haven't changed much. I still listen to music from the 80's and play with toys.

Happy Black Friday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh Yeah, I'm An Uncle.

Reporting live from Brooklyn is Ernie Deomampo:

"Folks, I ain't going to bore you with the usual "Honestly, she is the cutest baby in the world!" Or "Aww, look at that green poo! It's so cute!" Or "She's got your nose!"

Rather than discuss being an uncle right now, I'd rather discuss fatherhood. I have a choice: Kevin Paul (whom I call Ronald McDonald. I mean, look at that hair!) or Kirstin Johanna (whom I call "Frizzhead".

Who do you like better? Please let me know."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ocilla, Queen Of The Dessert

Wassup? My name is Ocilla Woods. My daddy's name is Ernie. Yeah, we don't look alike, 'cuz he went all the way to Georgia and adopted me.

Dad is jacked up. He likes to buy vinyl toys and hen put them in the basement. He doesn't even play with them. He even forgets he has them.

Ie better not do that to me. If he does, I'm gettin' Child Protection Services all over his abusive filipino butt.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some people run 5K's.

Others run marathons.

Today I'll run a "Baby Dash".

Paul and I are flying down to Cleveland, Georgia where I'll be in a race to get a limited Christmas edition of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Inside the new "Babyland General Hospital", the kids are set up on a table inside the ballroom. At 1:00PM, the doors will fling open wide to crazed collectors and fans of the babies as they try to get their hands one available for adoption.

Because of a caring and wonderful man who works there, I will be placed four feet from the table. As soon as the door open up, that's my cue to start running. (Doesn't mean I'll end up running towards the table.)

I know what- I'll use my walking cane to fend the crowd off.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Name Is Annabelle.

I'm still in the running of becoming America's Next Top Model.

Uncle Ernie!

Annabelle Skye Lindsey and her 6 pound 13 ounced self graced us and arrived at the party late at 11:30PM last night. Already being the drama queen I taught her, she made it harder on my sister by coming out via c-section.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mammograms At 40 Or 50 Years Old?

Split the difference! Get it when you hit 45,

P.S. No, I'm not an uncle yet.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Uncle Ernie?

I think tomorrow changes everything: my sister Ellen is in the hospital right now being induced.

Please pray for her and for the baby- oh, and for me too, because I'm all anxious as can be.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Thanksgving!

Since Paul's parents came up this weekend, we decided to do Thanksgiving over the weekend. Tons of watching football and eating snackies, followed by a turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans and a punpkin pie for dinner.

Sunday was turkey sandwiches out on the deck, taking Taylor to the doggie park, and tryptophan naps in the afternoon.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GQ Endorses The Bold Striped Sock

"You can tell a lot about a guy by glancing at his ankles. Is he a stick-by-the-rules type? The kind of guy who dutifully matches his socks to his pants every morning? Or is he the type who understands that dressing well often means dressing with a rebel streak?

We like to think that you can pair a boldly striped dress sock with pretty much everything- a sharp suit, elegant pants, or, say, a pair of dark jeans. Just look for stripes that complement your look up top (maybe matching your shirt or tie) while contrasting your pants or shoes. And don't worry if you break a rule or two- that's the point." -JiM MOORE

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


It's coming and it continues to puzzle everyone- the new Porsche Panamera is a four door sedan speedster that will hit the streets next year. The mystery about this car is, "What's the point of this kooky automobile? If you want to go turbo fast, why drive a bigger and heavier car with three other people riding?"

Monday, November 09, 2009


I'm back at home, safe and secure. To summarize this two week adventure on my own:

*I love Singapore. It's like the US and Asia all rolled into one. The best of both worlds.

*There is a distinct difference between the two airlines I flew: United and Singapore Airways. Customer service and care emanates so clearly from Singapore Airways that it puts United to shame.

*My two favorite aunts are my dad's two older sisters, Pimpion and Mely. They are the two older women in the picture. (I'm in the one in the middle, silly!)

*No matter how hard I try, I always overpack. My motto is, "Better to take it than to leave and regret it."

*If you think the Christmas season starts too early here in America, go to the Philippines or Singapore. They start in the middle of October.

My present status: I'm in mourning over a Prada tote that was stolen from my suitcase. When my overpacked luggage came out of baggage claim in Manila, my front zipper was open, clearly indicating that someone rifled through it and robbed me of a bag that reminds me of my trip to Venice. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking that someone is using my bag that has so much sentimentality attached to it.
I am also jetlagged beyond all measure. Please, if you're available, keep me awake and occupied in interesting ways during the day. Otherwise, I am out like a pair of shoulder pads.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


First of all, I'm okay. Sorry for the lack of updates. Towards the end of my stay in the Philippines, I spent more time with the family since I'd regret being at the internet cafe too much.
I spent last night in Singapore at the gorgeous St. Regis off of Orchard Road. Eric, a local who knew everything about the melting pot of people, shopping, and eating, showed me around, making sure I got to their vinyl toy store Play Imaginative.
I went ape crazy. I was dizzy from the wonderful selection of items imported from Japan and other surrounding Asian countries.
Screw Kidrobot, even for a day. This store was plastic fantastic.
My favorite was "Robin With His 100 Friends." He's cool and of course, to get you addicted, there will be 100 other characters that look like him to collect little by little, pilferng your bank account.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Blackout Here Is Called A Brownout

We were without electrity for two long days- no hot water, and most of all, no candles to light our way.

The power finally came on Sunday afternoon, and was welcomed by everyone. Everyone was too hot to sleep at night because their fans didn't work.

I'll write more later. I have three million humgry filiipino eyes looking over my shoulder and reading everything I type.